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Lunch Meals
Laramie County schools observe "offer vs. serve."  Students may select at least three of five food items offered, for a complete meal but one of the three must be 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable.  The items offered vary daily so it is important to check menus often.  Secondary schools offer several items daily in addition  to regularly menued items.  A variety of fruit and vegetable offerings are available daily.  Students may also select a choice of milk daily.  We offer 1% white and skim chocolate and white milk daily.

Prices:  Elementary schools $2.40              Junior and High schools $2.60                     Adults $4.00
Reduced Priced Lunches:  $0.40

Breakfast Meals
Under offer vs. serve, students may select at least three of the four groups of items offered.  The items offered vary and consist of hot and cold items.  Examples of breakfast items include cereal, sausage, burritos, sausage, pancakes, waffles, and french toast; fresh or canned fruit;  juice and  milk.


Prices:  Elementary schools $1.25              Junior and High schools $1.50                    Adults $2.00
Reduced Priced Breakfasts:  $0.30

 Health Bars

In addition to the entreés listed on the lunch menu, students serve themselves from our Health Bars.    The Health Bars are designed to emphasize foods that support MyPlate. Each day on the Health Bars, students can select from a variety of fruit and vegetables.   Fat free ranch dressing is served as the veggie dip. For example, the choices on the Health Bar may include baby carrots, frozen fruit cups,  or bananas. Students are encouraged to take what they can eat from the Health Bar.
For additional information about what makes a complete meal, please click here.
In addition to lunch items, several items are available for purchase.  Additionally, if students choose to select less than the required meal items, those items are charged at ala carte rates.
Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. All meals, foods and beverages are prepared and served by qualified child nutrition professionals. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.

File Manager -> myNutraTekbutton.jpgNEW Nutrition and Fitness Tools - myNutratek is a childhood wellness information program that allows K-12 students to record daily nutrition intake, physical activity and sleeping habits. myNutratek allows students, parents, faculty and community to monitor actual wellness behavior. 

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Nutrition Info
Afterschool Snack Nutrients October 2016.pdf
Afterschool Snack Nutrients September 2016.pdf
Carb List for Fruits and Vegetables SY 2015-16.pdf
ES Breakfast Nutrients August-September 2016.pdf
ES Breakfast Nutrients October 2016.pdf
ES Lunch Nutrients August-September 2016.pdf
ES Lunch Nutrients October 2016.pdf
ES Supper Nutrients October 2016.pdf
ES Supper Nutrients September 2016.pdf
HS Breakfast Nutrients August-September 2016.pdf
HS Breakfast Nutrients October 2016.pdf
HS Lunch Nutrients August-September 2016.pdf
HS Lunch Nutrients October 2016.pdf
JH Breakfast Nutrients August-September 2016.pdf
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JH Lunch Nutrients August-September 2016.pdf
JH Lunch Nutrients October 2016.pdf
Poder Breakfast Nutrients August-September 2016.pdf
Poder Breakfast Nutrients October 2016.pdf
South Suppers Nutrients October 2016.pdf
South Vending Breakfast Nutrients August-September 2016.pdf
South Vending Breakfast Nutrients October 2016.pdf
South Vending Lunch Nutrients August-September 2016.pdf
South Vending Lunch Nutrients October 2016.pdf
Universal Breakfast Nutrients August-September 2016.pdf
Universal Breakfast Nutrients October 2016.pdf