Meal Applications

Turn in Applications to:

For faster processing, please submit applications online at Global -> MySchoolAppsButton.fw.png.   Please turn completed paper form applications in to the campus cafeteria or 3320 Maxwell Ave, Cheyenne, WY  82001.

Meal Applications

How to Apply for Free or Reduced Price Meals

The quickest way to receive free and reduced price meal benefits is to apply online (see link below).  Every school has computers available and paper applications if needed.   You only need to complete one application per family.  Every family who wishes to apply must submit a new application each school year.  If using paper applications, return it to the school or nutrition services for review. You will be notified by letter if you qualify for free or reduced price meals. Until you receive notification, you are required to pay the full cost of the meal.

Global -> MySchoolAppsButton.fw.png

Children who qualify for Food Stamps or POWER benefits will need to provide the Food Stamp or POWER case number when applying. 

Foster children, who are legal wards of the court, qualify for free meals. Each foster child is to be listed on a separate application.

Families should list all children on one application and turn in 1 application per family and it will be reviewed with a determination for the family.

Monthly Gross income (before taxes & deductions) is the income used for the free and reduced application.  Income is to be counted from ALL persons living in the same household.

If you need help filling out the application or if you have questions, call Nutrition Services at 771-2440.

Incomplete applications will delay approval.  Please take care to provide all the necessary information.

If your student changes schools within LCSD1, their Free/Reduced status will automatically transfer to the new school within the district.

If you transfer into LCSD1 from another district and were qualified for free/reduced meals in the other district, you will need to complete a new application for LCSD1.

General Information about Free & Reduced Price Meals
School officials may check the information on the application at any time during the year. You may be asked to send written evidence to verify the information submitted on the meal application form.

You may apply for free or reduced meal benefits at any time throughout the school year. If you are not eligible now, but have a change (such as decreased income, increased household size, unemployment, food stamps or POWER eligibility), please fill out an application at that time.